Tianjin Model United Nations

Head Chair

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MinHong Kim

My name is Minhong Kim, and I am a sophomore at Gyeonggi Suwon International School. I will be serving as the Head President for Human Rights Council 2.

The moment I recall the most from my first conference as an 8th grader was when I stepped up to the podium to give my first speech. I was the delegate of Venezuela. I didn’t give a great speech, but it wasn’t that bad for my first. Once I finished giving my speech, I faced the dreaded points of information (POIs). Delegates started bombarding me with them, and since it was my first time having to answer POIs, my replies were littered with stammers.

Fast forward several conferences. I’m giving confident speeches, answering POIs, answering follow-up POIs, and answering the new POIs from “motion to extend POIs”.

I know I sound cliche, but the point I want to make is that sometimes it’s difficult to do really well at something you’ve never done before; but, as you gain experience, you get better.

So, I encourage all delegates participating in this committee to partake in the debate with confidence, even when you’re making mistakes, because you are continuing to make progress.

Deputy Chair

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Nathan Baek

I (Seokhyun (Nathan) Baek, a rising sophomore) joined my first MUN experience; as of all intermediates, I was hesitant to speak out, thus ending the conference without a single word. Nevertheless, I came to a quick realization that when one tries against their joy, they fail miserably. Despite failing miserably, I used it to climb up in terms of my interest (international relations). Today, I am myself who seeks all opportunities and makes the best out of them.

When it comes to asking questions, don’t hesitate, and it is ok if your query may be infantile as the majority doesn’t even attempt to accomplish it. Perhaps, failure is somewhat better than being fettered in normalcy and conformity; thus, I encourage everyone to have the willingness to transcend. I hope this emboldens your effort; I hope that all participants benefit through this conference.