Tianjin Model United Nations

Head Chair

GyeongHyo (Julia)_Kim

Julia Kim


My name is Julia Kim, currently a Junior attending International School of Qingdao. It is my true honor to serve as head president of the Economic and Social Council in this year. During the first MUN conference, I was very nervous watching other delegates deliver their speeches. Surprisingly, I cried during break time because I was scared during the conference. However, as I watched the debate go on, I realized that all delegates were equally afraid and nervous, but they were still doing their best to express their opinions. Their passion encouraged me, and I asked POI for the first time. After breaking down that small but solid barrier, I was able to make a speech, I was able to be the main submitter, I was awarded an award, and I was able to get into the chair now.

Delegates, please take this opportunity to express your opinions, and join us on the journey of solidarity, addressing global issues, and working together to achieve life through peace, security, and development.

I look forward to seeing you in November for an enjoyable and memorable conference!

See you all soon!

Deputy Chair


ChaeWon Ha

My name is Chaewon Ha, a junior attending Suzhou Singapore International School. I am honored to serve as the Deputy Chair of the Economic and Social Council in TIANMUN XI.

When I first participated in MUN, I was so nervous and frightened that I could not make any speeches or POIs. However, after a few conferences, I was soon fascinated by how delegates gathered to address ongoing global issues and pursue positive influences on the world. The confidence and passion that other delegates showed during the conference encouraged me to challenge myself by making more POIs, more amendments, and more speeches at each conference. Delegates, please take this experience as an opportunity for improvement, and do not hesitate to express your opinions!

I hope TIANMUN XI will be a meaningful and memorable debate for all delegates, and looking forward to seeing everyone at the conference 🙂

Deputy Chair

GyoRam Park

GyoRam Park

Welcome to TIANMUN XI!

My name is GyoRam Park, currently a senior attending Tianjin International School. I am truly honored to be the deputy chair of the Economic and Social Council of TIANMUN XI.

Since this is my first time participating in a conference as a chair, TIANMUN XI brings me tremendous responsibility and energy. During my first conference two years ago, there were moments in which I became mute on the podium, and it was because I was over tense. This led me not fully enjoy the conference with other delegates, and I regret it a lot.

However, through my MUN conferences, I have discovered that MUN is a precious opportunity to build connections with delegates and speak confidently with enjoyment. I hope all delegates at TIANMUN XI catch this chance to speak out with courage.

Then, see you all in November with a welcome smile!

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