Tianjin Model United Nations

Secretary General

HaHi Kim

Welcome to TIANMUN VII!

My name is HaHi Kim, a senior attending Tianjin International School. It is my utmost pleasure to serve as the secretary general of TIANMUN VII.

Thank you to all participants, especially to the directors, chairs, and delegates, who have made TIANMUN VII to take place. The executive team has and will work diligently towards the goal of making this conference both memorable and enjoyable.

Yes, it can be tough to debate on controversial issues with people that delegates are not familiar with. Yet, it may also bestow a chance to build relationships, getting to know passionate delegates from other schools to discuss world-wide issues. So delegates, feel free to enjoy TIANMUN and to express yourself to your fullest extent. Indeed, three days of conference may seem extremely long but once delegates allow themselves to be engrossed into the issue and the debate, time will fly.

Please do not hesitate to express any concerns, problems, or inquiries during the conference. The executive team is always open and willing to help anybody who needs help.

We are looking forward to meeting all!

Deputy Secretary General

JuWon Ha

Welcome Delegates, Chairs, and Guests! Welcome to TIANMUN VII.

My name is JuWon Ha, a senior in Tianjin International School. It is an honor to be serving you as a Deputy Secretary General of TIANMUN VII.

During past several months, our executive team has worked diligently to prepare this MUN to give delightful experiences to everyone who participates in TIANMUN.

Delegates, participating in debate is always a challenging thing to do, and I understand it. I also have participated in several MUN conferences, and I know how difficult it is to speak in front of huge crowd of people. However, overcoming that fright and being really engaged with the debate will leave you a memorable and valuable experience in MUN. In TIANMUN VII, I really hope you guys can throw away any hesitation and become really engaged in debate.

If you have somethings to ask to executive team, please do so. Executive team is always open for help.

Look forward to see you!

Jessica Wang


With the utmost excitement, I’d like to welcome all to the Seventh Annual Conference of TIANMUN! My name is Jessica Wang, currently a senior at Tianjin International School, and it is my privilege and honor to serve you as one of the Deputy Secretaries-General during TIANMUN VII.

Everything can be considered as a double-edged sword, even during processes that are usually thought as beneficial, and this is what the Executive Team has decided to focus on during this conference – Paradox of Development. Living in China, we have seen how an industrial-based economy can bring development in a blink of the eyes; however, we have also seen the exchange of clear blue skies for economic growth. Hence, we believe that this conference will allow every participant to expand their perspectives on various issues and further understand the variables involved in development.

From starting as an admin to being the Deputy Secretary-General at TIANMUN, I have experienced all the various aspects of this conference and gained affections for TIANMUN even more throughout the 6 years of my MUN career. I have experienced both the anxiety as a beginner and the excitement as a delegate of a P5 nation in the Security Council. Therefore, I wish that everyone, no matter what position you hold, will enjoy this conference that is possible only through the hard work of many.

Once again, on behalf of our team – welcome to TIANMUN VII!

Head of Admin

TaeGeon Kim

Greetings, delegates, chairs, and directors. My name is TaeGeon Kim, a senior attending Tianjin International School. It is an honor to serve as the Co-Head of Administration of TIANMUN VII. The administrative team works to make the conference proceed correctly. Thus, as the Co-Head of Administration, I sort and assign the works that administrative team should do and allocate the workforce into various duties while considering the least amount of workforce that can efficiently complete the task.

Delegates, it is true that actively participating in the conference is a huge challenge and requires quite a lot of courage. However, this is an opportunity to expand your world, knowledge, and potential as future leader. So, it’s ok to have just one small POI in the first. Just keep try.

Have fun!

DongHyuk Ahn

Welcome to TIANMUN VII in 2019!

This is Kevin Ahn, and I am currently a senior at Tianjin International School. I am very honored to be on the position of Co-Head of Administration. Executives of the Administration department have put in a great deal of effort to provide meaningful committees and countries to each delegate from various schools. We greatly hope that our effort helps the conference progress smoothly. For anyone who visits TIANMUN VII conference, please feel free to ask me, the other executives from the Administration department, or admins who would be located in each floor if you need any help. We would do our best to help each one of you

See you on October 24th!

Assistant of Head of Admin

YeWon Cha

Welcome to TIANMUN VII.

I am Ye Won Cha, a junior attending Tianjin International School. It is my utmost pleasure to serve as part of the executive team of TIANMUN VII. With a great director and a perfect executive team, the department of Administration was able to work through the challenges we faced while preparing for TIANMUN. As a team, we assigned delegations and recruited admins to achieve the outcome of a flawless conference. Through our efforts, I hope you have a pleasant conference at TIANMUN.

Admins, delegates, chairs, and directors, I wish you all are able to present what has taken you months to prepare through the conference that we have prepared!

Student Advisor

DongWhee Sohn

Honorable Chairs, Fellow delegates, Welcome to TIANMUN 2019!

My name is DongWhee Sohn, and I am currently a senior in Tianjin International School. It is a great honor for me to serve as a Student Advisor in TIANMUN VII. Thanks to all participants of this MUN, and the executive team worked diligently and passionately to make this chance a memorable time.

My job, as a Student Advisor, is to guide and help the delegates whenever they have problems or face challenges throughout the conference. I fully acknowledge that the delegates will have difficult times to stand up and make speeches, since I was exactly in that position couple years ago. However, with guidance from the Advisors and through many years of experience, I was confident and fluent enough to make a great speeches. Now, I have the position of the advisor and I am more than ready to serve other delegates. Please don’t feel embarrassed to ask me a question or help, and I will do my best to solve your problem.

TIAMUN will give you all a great opportunities to broaden your persepctives, strengthen your speech skills, and gain a tremendous amount of knowledges.

Please enjoy!

SeongBin Lee

Dear delegates and chairs.

Welcome to TIANMUN VII!
My name is Seong Bin Lee, senior of Tianjin International School and one of the Student Advisors of TIANMUN VII. I would like to appreciate assistance of other executive members and Directors of TIANMUN for doing such a wonderful work.

As Dong Whee Sohn, my colleague who is working with me, mentioned, our job is to teach new/experienced delegates to understand the concept of MUN/enter into MUN deeper. We are trying our best to guide and light the way to become an excellent delegate who performs well and give lightening ideas to the committee. Although my main job is to assist my school’s fellow delegates, I will happily receive any questions or request for assistance if you need.

TIANMUN VII will help you to understand the international society’s issue and encourage you to use all of your skills in order to express your thoughts and possible solution that may improve the whole nation in a large degree.

Do enjoy your debate!

Head of Media

DaEun Kim

Welcome to TIANMUN 2019! My name is DaEun Kim, a senior attending Tianjin International School. It is a great honor for me to be a part of the executive team. I am in charge of TIANMUN Media team, and I can say with confidence that our team is working hard for the conference and trying to show what is happening around the conference through SNS, brochure, and videos. During the conference, our team will interview the delegates and take pictures and videos. I am looking forward to this year’s conference, and I hope you will enjoy TIANMUN having a memorable experience and making good relationship!

JiMin Park

Welcome to TIANMUN VII!

I am JiMin Park, a senior attending Tianjin International School and a Head of Media.

It is a great honor for me to be part of the executive team in my last TIAMNUM. As I am in charge of the media team, I could confidently say that our team is working hard for well-structured conferences by working on a brochure, an opening video, and social networking services. Please look forward to our brochure and video presented on the first day. You would keep track of TIANMUN both before and during the conference through posts updated on Instagram and Facebook. You would receive a newspaper on the last day of TIANMUN.

Our team would also take pictures and videos and interview several delegates during the conference.

Again, our team is working hard to give you a great memory in this conference. I am looking forward to meeting all the delegates, chairs, and directors. I hope all of you enjoy TIANMUN this year!

Thank you.

Head of Technology

HyunJoon Park

Hello, anyone who joins the TIANMUN VII.

I’m HyunJoon and senior at Tianjin International school. My job is to upload resolutions in the website, manage devices that needed during the ceremony, bash and debate time. That’s it.

Wi-Fi is slow? Website is not working? Projector and mike are not working?

Be calm. I’m going to help you. Thank you.

Conference Manager

SuYeon Jang

Hello, delegates, chairs, and advisors. My name is SuYeon Jang, a senior attending Tianjin International School. I am honored to have my final MUN experience at TIANMUN VII as Conference Manager. As the Conference Manager, I organize and ensure all the materials, food, and other necessary to run the event smoothly. From this conference, not only learn about how to confidently make a great speech in front of many people but also undergo personal development and make new connections with other people from different places! Whatever role you play in this conference, I hope you enjoy TIANMUN VII and don’t forget that I will be around to serve you all in every possible way for a fruitful, fun conference. Enjoy!

Assistant of Conference Manager

Stellen Li

Hi delegates,

I am Stellen Li, currently a junior at Tianjin International School. It is an honor to be an executive member. We had put in a lot of efforts to make this MUN conference run smoothly. If you have any questions about or during the conference, please feel free to ask me! I hope you will enjoy TIANMUN VII and create memorial experience.

Thank you,

Stellen Li

Head of Chinese Commitee

ZiQiao Pan

Welcome to TIANMUN 2019! My name is Ziqiao Pan, and I am the Head of Chinese Committee of this year’s TIANMUN.

Model United Nations is a unique activity that students are able to learn about diplomacy, international relations, and public speaking from it. It is one of my favorite activities, and I have been participate in it for four years. This year, I design a Chinese committee, General Assembly Third Committee, in TIANMUN. Chinese is one of the six official languages of the UN. I designed this committee for all students who want to participate in MUN in Chinese. I believe this committee can not only improve students’ Chinese language skills, such as public speaking, debating, negotiating, and writing, but also help students gain knowledge regarding international issues, policy making, and the activities of the United Nations. I will always make sure my committee to stay at a high academic level.

If there are any questions, you always can email me at ziqiao.pan@students.tiseagles.com.

Looking forward to see you in October!