Tianjin Model United Nations

1. Resolving the Negative Impacts of Overpopulation
2. Reducing Gender Inequality
3. Developing sustainable energy and alternative fuels
4. Ensuring sanitation and water provision in rural communities
1. Situation in Egypt (Demographic Explosion)
2. Resolving the Houthi Militia crisis in Yemen
3. Alleviating Israeli-Palestinian conflict
4. Situation in Qatar (Diplomatic Crisis in Qatar)
1. Regulating Illegal Nuclear Weapon Trade
2. Eliminating Antipersonnel Landmines
3. Declining The Use of Biological Weapons (germs)
4. Regulating the European arms that are being funnelled into South Sudan
1. Preventing Incompatible Goals Within International Development Cooperation Partnerships
2. Concerning Economic Failures that Rely on Tourism Due to Destruction of the Tour Sight
3. Maintaining Sustainable Development
4. Facilitating Protection of Open Markets Against Deglobalization
1. Preserving and Improving Conditions of Existing Wetlands as Aquatic Habitats
2. Ensuring an Increase in Efficiency in Treating Wastewater
3. Regulating Lingering Anthropogenic Gases causing Increase in Sea Level
4. Mitigating Acidity in Water Systems that Disrupt the Marine systems.
1. Strengthening prevention of disinformation that increase the likelihood of cyberattacks
2. Providing stability and development for youth empowerment
3. Preventing further aggravation of the European Union migration crisis
4. Abiding arguments between the illiberals causing illiberalism and liberals
1. Propagating ethical behaviour development going along with the rapid technological evolution
2. Achieving satisfiable consensus between machinery and human labour
3. Creating easily-accessed virtual telepresence technology to create remote interactive participation in insecure environments
4. Restricting the illegal disposal of radioactive waste
1. Minimizing the Negative Effects of Globalization
2. Resolving the Issue of Global Waste on the Planet and in Outer-Space
3. Increasing Access to Renewable Energy
4. Reducing the Rising proportion of mental illness
1. Protecting Human Rights in Conflict Areas and Refugee Camps
2. Combatting State Sanctioned Torture of Political Prisoners
3. Protecting the Rights of Domestic Violence Victims
4. Preventing Violations of Child Labor Laws
1. Situation in India
2. Situation in Iraq
3. Regulating defective security to help prevent data loss/leak
4. Situation in Haiti
1. Responding to food insecurities in Syria
2. Eliminating the plastic wastes disposed in ocean
3. Declining the financial and sexual exploitation committed by UN peacekeepers
4. Declining human organ trafficking
1. 世界难民问题
2. 东南亚地区毒品问题
3. 自动驾驶汽车的发展
4. 核生化武器的管理