Tianjin Model United Nations

1. Measures to Reduce Water Shortages and Implement Clean Water Sanitation in Yemen
2. Measures to Reduce Gender Inequality in the Areas of Quality Education
3. Measures to Implement National Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) Systems in Relation to Health and Medical Advancements in Sub-Saharan Africa
4. Situation in Iran
1. Measures to Combat the Proliferation of Illicit Small Arms
2. Measures to Prevent Weapon Production and Distribution During Global Crisis
3. Measures to Recover from Damages by Weapons of Mass Destruction
4. Measures to Combat Weaponization in Outer Space
1. Measures to Promote Sustainable Tourism, including Ecotourism, for poverty eradication and environmental protection
2. Measures to Solve Unexpected Unemployment During a Global Crisis
3. Measures to Protect Less Economically Developed Countries with a Lack of Access to Health Care During a Global Pandemic
4. Measures to Ensure the Safe Development and Usage of an International Framework for Recovering from a Natural Disaster
1. Measures to Protect Displaced Animals and Restore Deforestation caused by forest fires
2. Measures to Reduce the Adverse Impact of Single-sue Plastics and Micro-plastics on the Global Terrestrial and Marine Environment
3. Measures to Mitigate the Consequence of Extreme Weather Events Resulting from Anthropogenic Climate Change
4. Measures to Provide Affordable Means of the Development of Renewable Resources to Countries, especially Less Economically Developed Countries
1. Measures to Develop Post-Disaster Resilient Infrastructure
2. Measures to Resolve Damage and Mitigate Risk Factors from Pandemics in the Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs)
3. Measures to Expand Access to Education in Underdeveloped Countries
4. Measures to Optimize the Enhanced Integrated Framework for Trade-Related Technical Assistance to Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs)
1. Measures to Combat the Practice of Discrimination, Xenophobia, Racism, and Assaults
2. Measures to Protect the Human Rights of Refugees Who Lost Permanent Settlement Due to Climate Change and Natural Disasters
3. Measures to Ensure Freedom of Expression During a Global Crisis
4. Measures to Promote Right to Protection of Health
1. Situation in Djibouti
2. Situation in Honduras
3. Situation in Mali
4. Situation in Myanmar
1. Measures to Provide Protection of Cultural Property during the time of Armed Conflict
2. Measures to Enhance the Regulation for Lethal Autonomous Robotic Weaponry
3. Measures to Mitigate the Digital Divide between More Economically Developed Countries and Less Economically Developed Countries for educational purposes
4. Measures to Promote Values of Equality especially Among Arabic Countries
1. 因流行病而下降的制作业经济发展问题
2. 中东性别歧视问题
3. 从波斯湾危机中保护难民问题
4. 实现发达中国家的持续生产和消耗